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Regent Law is available to assist with your relationship property matters - including pre-nups and separation agreement in Whangarei, the greater Northland area. Contact us now for an assessment of your requirements.

/Relationship property

The prices below indicate the average range and base rate you can expect to pay for a standard transaction. These prices are a guide only, to help you budget for your transaction. Please contact us any time to discuss your requirements and scope out a more actual fee for your specific circumstances.

All relationship property matters require a retainer payment at the time of engagement.

*All price exclude GST and disbursements.

**Terms and conditions apply.

Service Standard Price
Independent legal advice on the effects and implications of your contracting out or separation agreement $1,500
Preparing your contracting out or separation agreement $1,500 to $3,500
Advice on classification of “separate” and “relationship” property POA
Advice on criteria for “de facto” relationship POA
Advice on contracting out of the default equal sharing rules POA
Negotiating the terms of your agreement $500 to $1,500
Attending to settlement of relationship property transfer $900
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