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The prices below indicate the average range and base rate you can expect to pay for a standard will.  Please contact us any time to discuss your requirements and scope out a more actual fee for your specific circumstances.

All Will instructions require a retainer payment at the time of engagement.

*All price exclude GST and disbursements.

**Terms and conditions apply.

Service Standard Price
Standard Will – leaving all to your spouse, and then to your children if your spouse dies before you $350
Standard Will – as above, but with specific gifts to individuals or charities $400 to $600
Complex Will – providing for spouse, children of prior relationship, life interests, relationship property considerations, business interests and share purchase options $500 to $900
Standard Will – leaving all to your family trust, appointing replacement trustee and appointor, and reviewing trust deed as necessary $400 to $700
Memorandum of Guidance to the trustees of your family trust See Trusts
 Advance medical directive / living will  See EPOAs

Why you would need a Will now

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What happens if you die without a will?

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