19 08, 2021

Hunters poaching on private land

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When hunting, you may find it is difficult to determine the boundary lines between public and private land, particularly as more and more rural land is becoming commercially and privately owned. You may have concerns about what will happen if you accidentally enter private land while hunting, or you may want to know whether you [...]

18 09, 2011

Neighbours’ trees blocking your view

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  Some properties have beautiful views.  If you have bought land with a nice view, it makes sense to build your house in a way that takes advantage of that view.  For example, you might put your deck outside of the main living area in the house and position the house so that this main [...]

20 04, 2011

Watery worries over low laying land

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Winter is coming and so is the rain. If you own low laying land, you may be wondering how much run off you must endure from the higher land owners. Owners of higher land (that is being or has been built on) are obliged to construct a drainage system that will dispose of surface water [...]

20 03, 2011

Fed up with noisy neighbours? What you can do to stop the noise

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Having noisy neighbours is a real problem. Not only is it annoying, it can have a serious effect on your health and your business. Read on to find out what (legal) steps you can take to put a stop to the excessive noise created by your neighbours. Overview Although you cannot evict neighbours from their [...]

2 08, 2010

Trespass over land by a person or wandering stock

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Trespass over land is either a civil offence (a “tort” based on case law – previously known as a “writ of trespass”) or a criminal offence (the elements of which are found in the Trespass Act 1980). Trespass is a possessory right and protects an owner or occupier of land from direct interference, or invasion, of [...]

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