Trade Marks

Whangarei lawyers Regent Law and its predecessor PW Jones Lawyer have extensive experience in registering trade marks for major nationwide retail chains including company brands and advertising and their retail and wholesale products and services as well as assisting local small businesses in Whangarei and the wider Northland area. Contact us now to see if we can help.

/Trade Marks

The below prices exclude GST and disbursement costs and indicate the range and base price you can expect to pay for a standard transaction. Please contact us any time to get an indication of the likely costs involved for your requirements.

Commercial lease matters require a retainer payment at the time of engagement.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Service Standard Price (from)
Registration of new trade mark $400 per class per mark
Renewal of trade mark $400 per mark
Assignment of trade mark $2,500
Licence agreement for right to use trade mark $2,500
Cease and desist notice $1,000
Legal advice $400 per hour
Dealing with objections $400 per hour

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