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19 09, 2010

Copyright automatically protects certain work – for free!

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Copyright is a property right that exists in original copyright works.  This property right is a type of intellectual property. Copyright work includes: literary works e.g. emails, novels, lyrics, tables and compilations, computer programmes; dramatic works e.g. scripts; musical works e.g. sheet music; artistic works e.g. photos, diagrams, drawings, sculptures, maps, paintings; sound recordings (as [...]

4 09, 2010

Patent protection for inventions

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Patent protection is a type of intellectual property. The aim of the patent regime is to provide protection by a system of registration that grants a limited-term monopoly for inventions; to provide the owner with an exclusive right to commercially exploit the invention for a period of up to 20 years, and provide protection against [...]

30 05, 2010

Protect your brand by registering your trademark

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Your brand is your reputation. It is the way you and other people view you and your business. One aspect of your brand is your trademark. Having a memorable and well managed trade mark is a powerful way to distinguish your business products and services from your competitors. The idea is to create a distinctive [...]

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