Buying, selling and refinancing of property

Regent Law are conveyancing experts and are here to help you with the sale or purchase of your residential property in Whangarei, the greater Northland area or anywhere else in New Zealand. We are also here to help you with loan agreements, Kiwisaver applications and more. Contact us now for a FREE assessment of absolutely anything property and legal related.

/Buying, selling and refinancing of property

See the Business page for commercial property and farm sale and purchase information.

The prices below indicate the average range and base rate you can expect to pay for a standard transaction.  These prices are a guide only, to help you budget for your transaction.  Please contact us any time to discuss your requirements and scope out a more actual fee for your specific circumstances.

All conveyancing matters require a retainer payment at the time of engagement and full payment of fees by or as part of settlement.

*All prices exclude GST and disbursements.

**Terms and conditions apply.

Service Standard Price
Sale without a mortgage $850 to $1,700
Sale with discharge of one mortgage $990 to $1,980
Purchase without a mortgage $990 to $1,980
Purchase with one mortgage $1,400 to $2,200
Refinance $790 to $1,580
New mortgage $560 to $1,120
Discharge of mortgage $275 to $550
Additional Work Standard Price
Drafting agreement / further terms $175 to $500
Conditional agreement $175 per condition
Advice on agreement $150 to $300
Advice on Title $75 to $400
Advice on LIM $175 to $400
Additional loan/facility agreement $175 per facility
Declaration of identity $250 to $500
Deed of nomination $400 to $800
Kiwisaver application $175 to $350
HomeStart Grant application $350 to $525
Guarantee $350 to $500
Out of town signatories $175 per person
Trustee / company resolutions $200 to $400
Withdrawal of caveat / land charge $275 to $550
Tax and RLWT considerations POA
Disbursements Fee (includes GST)
Searches – Certificate of Title, guaranteed search and post-registration confirmation $5 each
Searches – instrument(s) registered on the Title $5 each
Registration – discharge of caveat / notice of claim / existing mortgage $80 each
Registration – transfer of land $80 each
Registration – new mortgage $80 each
Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) search $3 per vendor
Auckland District Law Society form of agreement $33.92 per form

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