Regent Law are trust law experts and are here to help you with the administration of your trust property in Whangarei, the greater Northland area or in fact anywhere in New Zealand. We are also here to help you with ensuring your trust complies with the new Trusts Act 2019, adding and removing trustees, and more. Contact us now for a FREE assessment of absolutely anything relating to your family trust.


The prices below indicate the average range and base rate you can expect to pay for a standard transaction.  These prices are a guide only, to help you budget for your transaction. Please contact us any time to discuss your requirements and scope out a more actual fee for your specific circumstances.

All trust matters require a retainer payment at the time of engagement.  The amount required will be the lower end of the full fee estimate provided to you including GST and disbursements.

*All price exclude GST and disbursements.

**Terms and conditions apply.

Service Standard Price (from)
Initial review of trust documents in light of the Trusts Act 2019 $2,000
Variation of trust deed $1,200
Formation of Family Trust – Trust Deed $2,000 to $4,000
Declaration of Trust  $1,300
Opening Minutes $400
Trustee Resolutions $400
Transfer of property to trust – no discharge or mortgage $1,300
Transfer of property to trust – discharge but no new mortgage $1,600
Transfer of property to trust – discharge and new mortgage $2,000
Acknowledgment of debt $600 to $800
Annual gifting $500
Annual administration $400 to $800
Winding up and deed of distribution with minutes of meeting $850
Memorandum of Guidance for Trustees $400
Changing trustees – adding new trustee and/or removing existing trustee $1,500
New Will See Wills

Review of trust documents in light of the new Trusts Act 2019

We wrote to existing clients of our law firm in Whangarei to tell them about the new Trusts Act, which has rules that will apply to their trusts.  We have reproduced much of that information [...]

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