Buying and selling commercial property

Regent Law are commercial property development experts and are here to help you with the sale or purchase of your commercial property in Whangarei, the greater Northland area or anywhere in New Zealand. We are also here to help you with loan agreements, structuring and more. Contact us now for an assessment of absolutely anything property law related.

/Buying and selling commercial property

The experienced team at Regent Law act in many high level commercial development projects as well as for local Whangarei commercial property ventures.

The below prices exclude GST and disbursement costs and indicate the raw fee you can expect to pay for a standard transaction. Please contact us any time to get an indication of the disbursement costs.

Commercial conveyancing matters require a retainer payment at the time of engagement.

Service Standard Price
Sale without a mortgage
Sale with discharge of one mortgage
Purchase without a mortgage
Purchase with one mortgage
Agreement for sale and purchase
Review LIM / PIM report
Due diligence investigation
Land development and feasibility studies
Business and asset-holding structures See Company administration
Refinancing with one mortgage
New mortgage
Discharge of mortgage
Discharge of notice of claim or caveat
Review of existing commercial leases / licences  See Leases

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