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Regent Law are estate and life planning experts and are here to help you with your enduring powers of attorney in Whangarei and the greater Northland area. Contact us now for an assessment of absolutely anything related to your property and personal care and welfare.

/Enduring powers of attorney

An enduring power of attorney (EPOA) is a legal document that says who can make decisions and sign documents for you, in relation to your personal care and welfare or your property, if you can’t – because you have lost the mental capacity or physical ability to do so.  These documents are recommended for people of all ages, and are required by most retirement villages.  Having an EPOA in place could save your loved ones a lot of money and stress in the future in the event you do lose capacity.  The alternative is to have someone appointed by the High Court – which costs several thousands of dollars every few years, and the person appointed may not be who you would want.

The prices below indicate a range and base price you can expect to pay for standard documentation.  Please contact us any time to discuss your requirements.

*Prices exclude GST and disbursements.

**Terms and conditions apply.

Service Standard Price
Enduring power of attorney in relation property $700 to $1,000
Enduring power of attorney in relation to personal care and welfare $700 to $1,000
Both enduring power of attorney documents attended to at the same time $900 to $1,200
Power of attorney and deed of delegation $500
Package: both EPOAs and a new Will for 2x people (straight-forward, for a couple) $2,500

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