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1 08, 2010

Structuring your business and incorporating a limited liability company

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One of the first things people consider when going into business is the type of entity or structure they would like to use to carry out their business. The business structure is like a vehicle which will take the business through its life cycle from formation to winding up. However, depending on the type of [...]

12 07, 2010

Retailers providing credit must register as financial service providers by 30 November 2010

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New laws applying to the finance industry from 1 December this year will have a substantial impact on financial advisers and financial service providers. This legal blog deals with the new obligations on financial services providers. Retailers providing goods on credit terms are financial service providers and therefore need to register as financial service providers [...]

9 07, 2010

Animal welfare bill passes into law

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The Animal Welfare Bill has been passed, significantly raising penalties for cruelty to animals. The Animal Welfare Amendment Act increases the maximum sentence for animal ill-treatment and neglect from three to five years and the maximum fine will double to $100,000 for an individual and $500,000 for a body corporate. The Act redefines the description [...]

19 06, 2010

Gift duty to be repealed – making gifting to your trust free!

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The Government is considering repealing gift duty. Gift duty is a tax that you must pay when you give away more than $27,000 worth of property in one year. This may be by cash, forgiving a debt, transferring a house or other property to your trust. The original purpose of gift duty was stop people [...]

8 06, 2010

Quitting your job? Been fired after giving notice? Want your final pay?

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Quitting your job can be a stressful time. The situation is made worse when your boss is not happy you are leaving and tells you not to come into work, makes your last days at work intolerable or does not want to give you your full and final pay. Both you and your boss must [...]

30 05, 2010

Protect your brand by registering your trademark

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Your brand is your reputation. It is the way you and other people view you and your business. One aspect of your brand is your trademark. Having a memorable and well managed trade mark is a powerful way to distinguish your business products and services from your competitors. The idea is to create a distinctive [...]

22 05, 2010

Angel Investors give businesses a helping hand

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I attended the Whangarei Business Owners Forum last week. The Business Owners Forum was held at the office of Elevate CA in Whangarei and the topic was A Rough Guide to Valuing Your Business. The panel of experts included Whangarei chartered accountant Fraser Hurrell from Elevate CA, Whangarei lawyer Stuart Spicer from Webb Ross, and [...]

14 05, 2010

GST rate increase from 1 October 2010

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The GST rate is probably increasing from 12.5% to 15%. We should know for sure by this Thursday (20 May 2010) when the Government announces the Budget. The increase is likely to be effective from 1 October 2010. The GST rate increase could not come at a worse time. We are still suffering from the [...]

8 05, 2010

Cost traps for tenants

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Landlords and tenants should be aware of the costs they might incur when leasing commercial premises. This is all the more important in the current economic climate as landlords and tenants need to know what costs to plan for. Each lease is different, so the landlord and tenant's respective obligations will depend on the terms [...]

4 05, 2010

Trusts tainted by new associated persons rules

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Legislation has been passed amending the definition of “associated persons” in the Income Tax Act 2007. Trustees are now associated with a trust if they hold the power to appoint or remove trustees. One of the consequences is that a trustee who is a dealer, developer or builder will “taint” the trust with that status [...]

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